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For all size of the companies

Disclaimer: The articles I wrote in the medium only relative to my personal learning and opinions. Will NOT represent or relative to any of my previous or current position and company.

This week, we will focus on some IT leadership and management topic after a couple of weekend coding; as I mentioned before, we need to balance our article category range.

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After a couple of years in the leadership position, which gives me a different perspective, besides only focusing on pure technology and programming.

Today I want to talk about how to find the…

Weekend build and learn.

Welcome back to my weekend build and learn series, last weekend; due to Halloween, I did not focus too much on the code, which instead I more focused on the candy, totally guilty. But I do have a great time with the kids and families.

For this week, let’s keep building and learning.

Why trading bot?

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There are many tutorials about building a trading bot for different markets, such as cryptocurrency, stock exchanges, currency exchanges, etc. However, under the hood, the trading is all around the trading strategy.

To be clear, I’m NOT a specialist about trading, but I…

Weekend build and learn.

SMS Alert for Ontario, Canada Covid-19 new cases

Before we start this weekend build and learn, I would like to take a moment to thank you, all my readers, who always support me and provide me with some suggestions and guidance.

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You are the most important motivation for me to keep this journey going. If you like my weekend build and learn series, please follow me on Medium.

Use cases

Covid-19 has changed many of our daily life; with the new normal situation, we think and do things differently.

Every day, my wife and son are trying to get the latest update…

Real-world use case comparison

Disclaimer: The articles I wrote in the medium only relative to my learning and opinions. Will NOT represent or relative any of my previous or current position and company.

2 years ago, I started my weekend code and learned on medium. This journal is keeping moving forward. Enjoy every moment on it.

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I don't want to join into comparison tooling, solution, programming language, etc. Reason being:

There is not prefect solution/tooling/programming language, the only prefect one is based on the context and the timestamp.

Based on the belief above, I always encourage my engineering team to find the best fit…

Start your company Big Data Journey with a lower cost

Disclaimer: The articles I wrote in the medium only relative to my personal learning and opinions. Will NOT represent or relative any of my previous or current position and company.

People, Technology, and Processes are the most important indicator for measuring a company’s IT maturity. And I always add one important context around it:

At what cost?

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Different companies will have different I.T infrastructure setup and data strategy. Whatever is a small start-up, medium-size company, or the big international one, the bottom line, how to leverage the current I.T. …

The common ground

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If you are a good Engineer, you also can be a great leader, use the Design Pattern to manage the team, and communicate effiecently.


I’m lucky enough to be in the I.T. industry for more than ten years now. I started from a Developer to Application Architect, to Enterprise Architect, to Manager, to Director, land to current A-VP position, across various industries, Consulting, Core Banking, Retail, and Insurance.

In this journey, I love my job, I love programming, and I love to build the excellent engineering team, which ensures to help the organization achieve the digital transformation…

Weekend write and learn.

Last time I wrote the no technical article almost three months ago. And I want to keep the balance between the Tech/Programming article and no tech article proportion.

One of my readers recently asked me a question:

How can you manage your time for learning? Any tips?

Right. Let me think. This is true, and how I manage that? So I start thinking about my daily routine.

My daily work hours are 8 AM to 6 PM, after family time, the coding and learning time is only around 10 PM to 12 PM. How to optimize…

Weekend build and learn

Disclaimer: This is ONLY my weekend research and development topic; the idea behind is to learn more about the Hadoop application/job logs and Rust language. The solution is NOT for production used. Use it at your own risk.


Everything starts with “Why.” I have been in the Big Data area for years. One of the critical pain point over the years, it’s the Hadoop job monitoring. And you will say: “wait, there is a lot of tools over there.” Yes, I agree with you. …

Almost two years ago, I benefited some weekend times to start to build the realtime data pipeline in Golang and have written a couple of articles to elaborate on the details. If you are interested in it, please see the link below.

As part of this year, my learning exercise, I start to write different pipelines and applications in Rust, and I’m enjoying this journey so far.

To keep the journey more enjoyable. I decided to rewrite the realtime data pipeline two years ago, which written in Go, now in Rust.

Let the fun start.

Recap the tech stacks:

  1. Docker local runtime for development.

Weekend build and learn

Last week, I did not write Part 4, the reason being: I want to share some no technical thoughts, especially about Engineering and Leadership. If you miss the last article, please follow this link below.

And also, if you just land to this article and you want to have full context and story, you can start from here.

Cafe, ready! Laptop, ready! Brain, ready! And Kids sleep? Yes. Now let’s start. :)

People talk about big data, and we instantly will focus on the Big Data stacks, tooling, and capabilities, etc. For me,

Big data is…

Wei Huang

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